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Thermoelectric Ingot
DC to DC Thermoelectric Converter Power Controller
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Offering Carbon Reducing Green Technology With Superior Thermoelectric Power Modules & Generators...

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Thermal Electronics Corp., offers unique Thermoelectric TEG Power Generator, Cooling Modules, Thermoelectric Coolers & Peltier Parts, I/O Thermoelectric Power Controllers, etc. Our offered product gamut is widely used in medical, food, oil, gas and commercial industries. In Business for more than 20 years, we are well-known in the market as prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Thermoelectric Peltier and Seebeck appliances and TEG modules. We have been continually making tremendous efforts towards introducing new technologies and components custom design specifically for effective and efficient operation of thermoelectric systems both in cooling and power Generation. We have successfully designed a new TEG Module named GENCELL that allows manufacturing of a large volume and high amperage thermoelectric elements at comparatively low cost (still in development).

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5, Furbacher Lane, Unit 4, Aurora - L4G 6W2, Ontario, Canada
Phone :1-905-7511362/2528574
Mr. Gerard Campeau (VP Technical Sales & Development)
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