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Primary Competitive Advantages

Innovations and Quality are the two norms on which we stand. We are engaged in making the process that reduces electrical resistance increases performances, efficiency & reliability of TEG Thermoelectric Generator System. Submitted many patent application to protect our IP. Moreover, our Partner Mc Master University of Hamilton, Ontario  works hand in hand in product development. None of our competitors offer the variety of thermoelectric materials that is available with us. Competitive advantages include:

  • Sole Provider of Highest Temperature Devices
  • Leading The Market With High Temperature Modules
  • Have Patent Right to 12 Products and processes
  • Financial Stability
  • Strong Network Connectivity
  • Economical Price Policy

Thermoelectric Power Generator

One of the greatest advantage of Thermoelectric Power Generator is that it works on the combined technology. It works as a heat engine to produce power through Seebeck effect in automobiles, electrical power plant and many other applications. Also, it reclaim waste heat into additional electrical power that offers a powerful ROI under three years with no government subsidies. These features of Thermoelectric Power Generators make it a Carbon Reducing Green Technology. Thermoelectric Module BiTe would be the least carbon reducing technology as compared to other green technologies. We offer modules from 20C hot side to 850C hot side chemistry include BiTe, PbTe, PbTe/TAGS, CMO Oxide.

Our Clientele

Our focus is the national and international markets. We work with many organizations around the world. We pride ourselves on offering the most diverse custom specific product line for thermoelectric products. As a result have worked closely with many large national and international organizations and companies including:

  • Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • American University of Sharjah
  • Apple
  • Canadian Navy
  • Cisco
  • GE Research
  • Google
  • Harvard
  • Mc Master University
  • MIT
  • Pizza Pizza Ltd
  • University Of Alberta
  • US Army

Contact Details
5, Furbacher Lane, Unit 4, Aurora - L4G 6W2, Ontario, Canada
Phone :1-905-7511362/2528574
Mr. Gerard Campeau (VP Technical Sales & Development)
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