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Thermoelectric Generator Power Materials

Thermal Electronics Corp. is a name to rely upon for buying TEG and its major components. Thermoelectric Generator Power Material is one of the three major components of thermoelectric power generator. Thermoelectric generator power materials converts temperature differences into electric voltage for generating power from heat. The thermoelectric materials have low thermal conductivity as well as high electrical conductivity. The one side of the material becomes hot because of low thermal conductivity. And, the other side with high electrical conductivity stays cold. In this temperature gradient, large voltage is generated. Customers can contact us for buying P & N Type and P & N-Type PbTe Thermoelectric Power Ingot Material.


 P & N-Type Ingot Material for purchase Bi2Te3 
 P & N-Type PbTe Ingot Material for purchase PbTe 


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5, Furbacher Lane, Unit 4, Aurora - L4G 6W2, Ontario, Canada
Mr. Gerard Campeau (VP Technical Sales & Development)
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