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Thermoelectric Power Generator

Thermoelectric Power Generator is the most efficient device that can be used in industries for converting heat into electrical power. This device with no moving parts applies Seebeck effect  phenomenon to convert heat flux into electrical power. Thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric materials and thermoelectric systems are three essential components of this device that meet and interact with the heat source at a point. Power plants can use thermoelectric power generator for converting waste heat generated into electrical energy. It can also be used in automobiles for increasing the efficiency of fuel. The models of thermoelectric power generator Thermal Electronics Corp. makes available are TEG12VDC-24 30W AIR, 10W 5V/1.2V-12V, TEG12VDC-24 60W LIQUID, 10W 5V/1.2V-12V (Green), 10W 5V/1.2V-12V (Blue) and 10W 5V/1.2V-12V (Silver).

TEG12VDC-24 30W AIR 
 Thermoelectric LED LIGHT 283″ 


Product Image (04)

10W 5V/1.2V-12V Power Thermoelectric Generator (Blue)

Price: 149.99 USD ($)
  • Supply Ability:100,000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:in stock Days
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Product Type:Thermoelectric generator
  • Application:Power generation
  • Power Supply:none
  • Weight:3 Kilograms (kg)
  • Dimension(L*W*H):15" x 6" x 8" Inch (in)
  • Function:Power production from waste heat
  • Input:Heat propane, Dung, Natural Gas

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Mr. Gerard Campeau (VP Technical Sales & Development)
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